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Pavillon Saint Augustin est un établissement des Hôtels de Paris.

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A practical hotel situated in the earth of Paris

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Batignolles - Parc Monceau - Palais des Congrès

Italian art of living on the terrace in the Saint Lazare district

Always bubbling with activity, the Saint-Lazare district is where the worlds of business, leisure and fashion meet. All methods of city land transportation are available, but the short distances between tourist attractions make walking a good choice.

Your stay will have a modern feel, with the rooms with warm and practical furniture, or a classic feel, with thick carpeting and drapes. Some rooms have a Haussmann-style balcony, and others are in the attic. Ideal for families, the 70-square-metre apartment with its balcony offers an unobstructed view of the Eiffel Tower.

The inner courtyard is transformed into a terrace in the summer for Pavillon Saint Augustin’s Italian restaurant.

Vendredi 18 Septembre 2020
Paris, France

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The District

There are areas in Paris where shopping is king. Where the supply is so abundant that it borders on the mythical. This is the case of the Grands Boulevards, where, even outside of the Christmas shopping period or the big sales, it’s busy all the time... The Parisian identity, intimately linked with the city’s boulevards, is emblematic here. In the 19th century, Haussmann created a sumptuous architecture, bestowing honour, shops and activity to the streets. The boulevard bearing his name became the home of le Printemps and les Galeries Lafayette. It’s worth going out of one’s way to see the architecture of these buildings, but discovering the atmosphere inside is also a unique experience.

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